Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentine's day

A lot has been said about Valentine's Day.Some parties claim it is the time when people will commit immoral activities but I just wonder what is so immoral about showering our love to our loved ones on a special occasion like this.Illicit sex is committed all the time...not necessarily on Valentine's Day. Don't you think so? Let not our prejudice blinds us and make us feel so righteous that we infringe on other people's right.
     It was interesting to see how each individual expressed their love to their loved ones or someone they admire.One of my students has been secretly admiring a girl in another class but it was only yesterday ( valentine Day) that he took the courage to let her know about A bouquet of paper roses!Makes me wonder how long that relationship will last... It also reminds of a song by Marie Osmond...'Paper Roses'
    There were also friends who complained that their spouses were not romantic.No flowers,no candle light dinner!For the young couples maybe all these things are special but for the veterans I guess they have so many ways to share their lovely moments together.I saw an elderly couple strolling at Giant Supermarket hand in hand,the husband guiding his wife lovingly along.Gosh,so much love and care.Needless to say I hope to have that kind of love when so wrinkled and senile,hehehe.
     Then again,I read a cartoon strip that brought a smile to my face.A man was asking his wife what she wish for her birthday which fell on 14/2 and she answered 'If my wish can be granted I would wish for you to be  my wife and I be your husband"
    the husband asked 'why would you wish for such an absurd thing?'
    The wife answered, 'Then you'll understand how I feel when you know of my illicit affairs!'
For those of us who are still in love or being loved.... valentine day should not be confined to 14/2 only,let everyday be your valentine day.

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